Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Coolest Video Ever

This guy, who does the The Rolling Exhibition, never says that he has CRS/SA, but his condition must be somewhat similar. But this is the coolest video: Kevin Connolly Auto Bio

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Urology Research: Growing Bladders

Some exciting research is being done on growing new bladders from people's own tissue! These are starting out being targeted to children with spina bifida, which is exciting because CRS/SA is very similar to SB in some ways, at least in its effects on the urology system.

The company, Tengion, that is working on this is actually located just a few miles from where I live! I'd love to get some kind of job there. Anyway, here is their site: Tengion. Some news stories about it can be found at:

Tengion Trying to Grow Human Organs

Tengion Inc. Presents Tengion Neo-Bladder

Cool Research: Walking Devices

I've seen a lot of very exciting new research lately about walking devices. First is Mini-generator Relies on the Power of the Walk. "Strapped to the knee, it could use energy generated by walking to run medical and other devices." I think if they could do this, they could surely use this on an orthotic or prosthetic to help in walking.

Then also, Prosthetic Limbs Give Wounded Soldiers New Life. This is another exciting development--these prosthetic limbs pretty much walk on their own!

Of course, I'm thinking about the way things like this could be used in people with CRS/SA. I do think there is too much emphasis on walking sometimes. If someone can get around in a wheelchair, with orthotics, or whatever, that's great. But if something like this can help people have more mobility and independence, that would be a good thing.