Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Recreation Links

Thank you to Michelle, Micah’s mother, for these great links.Gym Supply has these scooters like the ones they have in the gym at school. We found ours on Ebay. A home-made one was also used for years.

Plasma Car. This thing is AWESOME! Micah is on his second one and all the kids in the neighborhood have one now as well as all his cousins. Again, we bought our on Ebay but last Christmas I found them at Fry's Electronics cheaper than Ebay. I typically bought the 4-pack off Ebay just because I knew so many people that wanted one and we all went in together to split the shipping.

Micah also has a bike that he peddles with his hands. You can see a pic of that on his myspace page.The Ambucs give their hand-powered AmTrykes away for free. Ask your PT for a referral to them.

These are the Benik Knee Pads that we received at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas. Micah used the XS for the longest until he developed his callus on his knees. Now he crawls on concrete with no problems. UGH!!!

His most prized possession is probably his 4-wheeler. It is a battery powered Power Wheels. My husband re-wired it so he would have a push button on the handle bars since he can't use the foot throttle. He goes everywhere on that thing.

I'd love to include more links/info from other parents of kids with CRS. Please send me your stuff!