Monday, January 7, 2008

The Rolling Exhibition

Someone sent me info about this guy, Kevin Michael Connolly, who was born without legs. He has traveled the world taking photos of people staring at him. It doesn't say anywhere that he has CRS/SA, but it seems like he might. His photos are amazing: The Rolling Exhibition

And here is an ABC story about him: Man Without Legs Harnesses Public Gaze

He talks on his site about why people stare and why they want to create stories to explain his condition. The people in his photos all have a similar confused look on their faces. When people stare at Jordan, they usually smile and cheer him on. "You're doing great!" they shout. That can annoy me a lot of days, but I usually try to ignore it. No one has ever taken much notice of me, so it's hard going from that to seeing my son started at wherever we go. But I can imagine that it's hard, too, going through your whole life being stared at. I still can't understand why people do it, and especially why they feel the need to cheer on Jordan. How do they know he's "doing great?" Maybe last week he didn't need the walker, and he's doing WORSE. They have no clue. And as soon as I "handle" one of these starers, another one springs up in his or her place. I can't fight against it. It's just going to happen, and I have to accept it. But more than that, I have to make sure that he can accept it and deal with it in a healthy way. It's kind of hard when I have so many problems with it myself.

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Marie said...

Kevin was born with bilateral amelia (absence of limbs) and not CRS or other disability.