Monday, August 2, 2010

Serial Casting: Weeks 1 and 2

Jordan is going through another few weeks of serial casting. His feet are just not flat anymore, and he is standing on his toes. Also, his left foot is really rotating in. Hopefully the serial casting will do something to put off more surgery and will keep him doing as well as he's doing.

Here are his feet before the first casts were put on. Notice how he is standing on his toes. He can't flatten them. It's hard to flatten them all the way if you push on them, too.

He is going to have these casts on for 2 weeks. This Wednesday will be 2 weeks, actually, so I'm eager to see what his feet look like so far. The PT thinks it will take just a few casts, and they will definitely be done before school starts. I am hoping we will have at least a week or 2 at the end of the summer for more swimming when he is out of the casts!

This shows how he just goes about doing everything he usually does while wearing the casts.

He actually got some wood chips in his casts that day at the playground. I hope I was able to get them all out and that when they cut off the casts, a whole lot of wood chips don't fall out!

I'll post more photos after he gets the casts changed this week.

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