Friday, August 13, 2010

Serial Casting Results

The serial casting went really well! His feet are a lot flatter, and his right foot, which was going in, is straighter. Also, he is not getting the red spots on his feet that he was getting from his braces because they fit him correctly again! It is amazing that we could do this in just 3 weeks. Here is a before and after photo. I never take them from the same angles, ughhg, but these two are really close for comparison.

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Cindy said...

my grandson Luca lives with me full time and I do not know a lot about this syndrome but i had no ideal that serial casting could work so well From the Photos posted it looks very similiar to the condition of Lucas knees and feet.I am trying to learn though. Luca is the light of my life and i hope to learn quickly so i can better help him. i am afraid to let him go but refrain from discouraging him to do what he wants. If I could get him casted and thererfor better able to get around i wouldnt worry so much about him falling and maybe severing the spinal cord.